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Why Bright Minds?

Safe nurturing environment where children are valued, gain social skills, and grow in self-confidence as they learn


A smaller setting to allow for dedicated attention and individualized instruction


The perfect balance of PLAY + academics to foster critical thinking, individual creativity, AND the ability to still be a kid!


Fun hands-on learning experiences with end of unit field trips to solidify learning, and make real-world connections


Owned and operated by a certified teacher, this microschool (think homeschooling + private school) is one of its kind in the Lake Houston area!


Hands-on Fun with


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Preschool/Transitional Kinder

The engaging hands-on Kindergarten readiness pathway is designed for four year olds, and young five year-olds who would benefit from an additional year of preschool before entering kindergarten. Our teachers encourage individual independence which ensures students will have a smooth transition into kindergarten. Activities and lesson plans are customized to each student, based on each child's needs. Students begin to develop good writing habits, strengthen their number sense, develop social and emotional skills, and gain foundational literacy skills, among other vital skills.

  • Age Group: 4/5 year olds (by Sept. 1st)

  • Attendance: Tuesday and Thursday


Private Kinder

In our Kindergarten program, your child builds upon previous learning, including  strengthening reading, writing and math skills within small group instruction. New information is introduced and reinforced  through multi-sensory learning experiences that encourage discovery through playful exploration, teacher-guided investigations, questioning, direct instruction and discussion.


The engaging instructional activities promote social, emotional, physical, cognitive, creative and leadership development, so your child is prepared to take on elementary school and beyond.

Age Group: 5 year olds (by September 1st)

Attendance Options: 

  • Monday - Thursday 

  • Monday and Wednesday (Hybrid Homeschool)


Optional: Fun Friday Enrichment


Hybrid Homeschool

The best of both worlds! Hybrid homeschooling is a flexible approach for 5-7 year olds (traditionally kindergarten and first grade) that combines traditional homeschooling and private school education. It involves a combination of attending class on campus, and completing tailored reinforcement and enrichment activities at home on satellite days, which creates cohesiveness in their homeschooling experience.


This reinvention of the one-room schoolhouse,  comprised of a mixed-age level grouping,  provides engaging lessons to strengthen core academic skills, along with empowering students to take thoughtful risks, engage in experiential learning, persist in problem-solving, embrace collaboration, and work through the creative process. 

  • Age Group: 5-7 year olds (by Sept. 1st)

  • Hybrid [On Campus + Homeschool]

  • Campus: Monday and Wednesday 


Optional: Fun Friday Enrichment


FUN Fridays

Our STEM + Art Enrichment program, specially designed for the K-2nd primary grades, explores the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and more! Allow your child's school year to come alive with hands-on activities, experiments, team coding challenges, and educational experiences that will keep them engaged and excited about learning!


The a la carte classes are designed to be educational and fun!

As with all classes, they are intentionally small to provide students more attention, create a more personable  experience, provide guidance in areas of interest or need, as well as being a social outlet.

  • Age Group: 5-7 year olds (by Sept. 1st)

  • Attendance: Fridays | 9:30am-1:30pm


What our Kinder Pod parents are saying:

"Kinder Pod was the absolute best decision that I have made for my kindergartener. Due to the small class size, Jada was able to identify the needs of my child. She worked primarily with her to create my daughter's optimal learning environment. I have witnessed so much growth academically, and do not feel like my child is just 1 of 20 kids in a bigger school. The foundation that Jada has taught my daughter will ensure success when she enters elementary school next year. Also, the excitement from Jada about education really shines into the children she teaches and you can honestly see that this is a passion and not just a job. My daughter begs to go to Kinder Pod every single day. She is not only learning past kindergarten level, but she's having such a great time doing it. From a parent standpoint, Jada provides everything that an Elementary school has plus more!"

K. Caillet 

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