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2023-2024 KINDER POD

Is there uncertainty around what’s happening in your child's school?

Will your child’s kindergarten year be impacted?

Are you a parent desiring a smaller setting for your child?

Reserve a spot in our exclusive Kinder pod!

The Perfect Balance of Play + Academics!

Since play is an enjoyable activity that comes naturally to children, a learning program such as ours motivates them to learn. Through it, they are able to improve language and numerical skills as well as develop social skills!


What our Kinder Pod parents are saying:

"Kinder Pod was the absolute best decision that I have made for my kindergartener. Due to the small class size, Jada was able to identify the needs of my child. She worked primarily with her to create my daughter's optimal learning environment. I have witnessed so much growth academically, and do not feel like my child is just 1 of 20 kids in a bigger school. The foundation that Jada has taught my daughter will ensure success when she enters elementary school next year. Also, the excitement from Jada about education really shines into the children she teaches and you can honestly see that this is a passion and not just a job. My daughter begs to go to Kinder Pod every single day. She is not only learning past kindergarten level, but she's having such a great time doing it. From a parent standpoint, Jada provides everything that an Elementary school has plus more!"

K. Caillet 

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